Community Futures Essex County

Rural & Resilient

Rural has a variety of definitions but for the Community Futures organization its communities with a population under 100,000. In Essex County we have 7 rural municipalities, all of which contribute significantly to the success of the Windsor-Essex region. Our small towns offer pleasant lifestyles, waterfront access, unique shops and fantastic restaurants. Recently I attended […]

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We Live, Work & Play in our Communities

Did you know that every member of our Board of Directors lives and/or works in Essex County? Board Members are spread throughout our communities and they all come with differing backgrounds, experience and industry knowledge. They live, work and play in the 7 municipalities we serve. Why does this matter? All of our loan decisions […]

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Cautiously Optimistic

While there are still many unknowns, there is a general feeling of things returning to normal as the children return to school and businesses re-open. Cautiously optimistic best describes the approach we are taking here at Community Futures Essex County. We understand that every business has been affected in its own way so a cookie-cutter […]

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