Stress Reduction and Loan Application in the Same Sentence?

At the Business Resource Centre of Essex County we pride ourselves in reducing your stress when faced with completing a loan application. If you’d like to have a lending experience where everyone is on a first name basis, then working with our small Team could be perfect for you! You might even be relieved to know that the final lending decision is made by our Board of Directors, individuals who live or work right here in Essex County so they understand the local marketplace and the unique challenges and opportunities of the region.

The loan application process can be intimidating so our clients like the fact that our Team will sit with you and help you to fill in the paperwork. No need to worry because you don’t understand the terminology used by lenders or that you don’t know how to do a projected cash flow statement. We will guide you through the process to keep it simple and as stress free as possible. While online loan applications sound like a great idea (and we do have ours online if you prefer that) it can be overwhelming when you begin working your way through filling it in. We don’t mind at all if you print out our application and use a pen or pencil to fill it in because we understand sometimes it’s just easier that way.

People are often surprised when we, as a lender, suggest they visit their bank or credit union as part of the lending process. The reason is simple, we want what’s best for you, and traditional financial institutions offer a full suite of products which could benefit you such as business bank accounts, credit cards and lines of credit.

Here we have only one solution, term loans. But the good news is, we do have the ability to be very flexible on the terms of the loan and we really try to work with you to come up with a loan that is structured to fit your needs. Are you a seasonal business and it would be easier for you to pay a higher payment during your business season and a lower payment during your slow season? Would it be better for you to pay interest only monthly then make a one large principal payment at the end of your busy season? These are the types of customized solutions we can work with you to create.

Get in touch with our Team today to find out how we may be able to assist you!

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